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Story #1   -   Part #1

On June 27, 2016, Radar Online, published a story with the headline "Britney Spears' Former Manager Sam Lutfi, Accused Of Kidnapping Frances Bean Cobain's Ex. Isaiah Silva was 'in fear for his life,' police reports claim."

This is a follow-up to that Radar Online story.

We have been furnished with legally recorded audio conversations between Courtney Love's good friend, Sam Lutfi, and the former girlfriend of Frances Bean Cobain's estranged husband, Isaiah Silva. Isaiah's former girlfriend, Jessica Sullivan, is also the mother of Isaiah's seven-year-old child. To this day, Jessica and Isaiah remain very close friends.

After Isaiah had informed Jesse about his kidnapping by Sam Lutfi, these conversations were recorded by Jessica in compliance with California Penal Code Section 633.5.

Soon after she made these recorded conversations, Jessica and her girlfriend, Teela, went to the Hollywood sub-station of the Los Angeles Police Department where they attempted to turn over the recordings to the police.

        "This involves a high profile case with harassment and threats and a kidnapping," Jessica told the officer at the front desk.

        "Well there are a lot of people ahead of you," the officer responded coldly. "You'll have to wait about 8 hours."

        "But this is important" Jessica replied. "It involves threats."

        "Then you should probably come back in the morning," the desk officer told her.

        "Well, hopefully I won't die tonight," Jessica said, as she now felt frightened and worried for her safety.

        Jessica later told us that she felt like the officer at the L.A.P.D. station had "just blown us off."

So what do you do when the term "To Serve and Protect" has lost its original meaning? You protect yourself by making the public aware of crazed threats that have been made against you and your family.

The first four audio samples posted below clearly illustrate the wanna-be mobster side of Sam Lutfi's personality. Simply listen to the angry, menacing tone of his voice.

The last of the samples (#5), can only be described as chilling. Sam Lutfi seems to have Frances Bean Cobain exactly where he wants her.

The entirety of the recordings is 45 minutes long. More of these recorded conversations may eventually be made public.

Please note the bullet points below each sample.

Recorded Sample #1:

         "What have I ever done to Frances?"

         "You think you're fucking smart?"

         "Do you have any idea what type of people you're dealing against?"

         "Are you stupid?"

         Jesse: "I don't want anybody to take care of me and my girlfriend and my daughter."

Recorded Sample #2:

Now this sounds a lot like "hate speech" doesn't it?

         "You dyke fucking bitch whore fuck"

         "You are fucking in the streets"

         "I don't scare you?"

         "You fucking dirty dyke"

We have to wonder how Lutfi's so-called "feminist" friend, Courtney Love feels about her buddy screaming sexist, condescending gay profanities to the young mother of Courtney's once step granddaughter?

Recorded Sample #3:

         "Your kid will be in an orphanage"

         "I'm gonna put you away"

         "I'm gonna put your fucking little boyfriend away"

         "You fucking dirty whore"

         "You're going to be in the streets where you belong."

Recorded Sample #4:

Now this sounds a lot like "hate speech" doesn't it?

         "Then Jess, be smart. You want to side with her [Frances] or a" (Jessica interrupts)

         Jessica: "You wanna know who I'm siding with? The truth."

         Sam again: "You wanna know the truth, I bugged your ex's house 12 months ago."

Here Lutfi is foolishly admitting to the commission of a crime here, and he's bragging about it!

It would have been illegal for Lutfi or anyone else to bug that house even if one of the residents had given him permission to do it. And if both residents had given permission (which they didn't), they would also have to tell any visiting guests that their conversations were being recorded.

Recorded Sample #5:

This is Teela, Jessica's girfriend chiming in on the conversation between Jesse and Sam Lutfi.

         Teela: "All Jesse wants is to sit down with Frances so they can talk. They care about each other."

         Sam: "Frances is too unstable to handle it. She signed over the authority to me."

In addition to the disastrous Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes connections to Sam Lutfi that ended in multiple restraining orders, Lutfi has also tried to establish relationships with Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson's teenage daughter, Paris Jackson.

This Lutfi creep seems to gravitate towards vulnerable female celebrities.

So why should anyone care about this?

Because no one wants to see a future headline in the news that reads;

"Kurt Cobain's Daughter Found Dead of a Drug Overdose"
"Frances Bean Cobain Commits Suicide - Just Like Her Father"

Wouldn't that be a little too convenient for Courtney Love and her good friend, Sam Lutfi?

Is there a new album in the works, "Live Through This . . . Again"?

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Part #2

Illutrates the current, direct connection between
Courtney Love and Sam Lutfi as it relates to Isaiah Silva's
kidnapping and Sam Lutfi's excessive bullying.